Ivory Layne: The Magic of Mary Poppins and the Importance of Collaboration

>> Singer-songwriter Ivory Layne has been writing songs since she was six-years-old. By the age of fourteen, she began to dedicate her life to a career in the music industry. Since then she has collaborated with several talented musicians. Her well-rounded skill-set attracted the attention of superstar, Justin Timberlake, who signed Layne to his artist development company, Villa40, in 2015. Check out our interview with her below where we talked about films she wishes she could write soundtracks for, what she has learned from collaborating with others, and what characters from television shows best depict her personality!

What ultimately drew you to a career in the music industry?

I come from a very musical family, so I grew up singing and songwriting. Once I felt like I was creating music I loved and that other people connected with, I ultimately wanted to make those skills my career. What are the differences between the music scene in Denver, NC and the music scene in Nashville, TN?

Oh my! Well, first off, Nashville is the musical capital of the US, so you can run into a musician anywhere you go! There’s a network of artists, producers, writers, and industry agents here, and it’s very easy to go into a writing session and come out with a new song and a new friend! Denver is much smaller, and while I was there, I only knew a handful of people who wrote and performed music. But I’m so grateful for that! I think the isolation provided a safe space for me to grow in my craft, and the times I was able to share my songs with friends and family were so much more special. Being an artist was something different, not commonplace, and that gave me a sort of independence and confidence that stuck with me despite the move to Nashville years ago.

What are five films you wish you could write soundtracks for and why?

Hmmm…excellent question! Mary Poppins—I just saw the newest version and absolutely loved it! I think writing for a Disney film would be the definition of magical! Bridget Jones Diary—this movie makes me laugh so much and I’d love to turn it into a musical. And speaking of musicals…Funny Face! It’s one of my favorite movies so it’d be an honor to write a soundtrack! If I got the chance to work with Phil Collins, I’d jump at the chance to score Tarzan…but I’m pretty sure that soundtrack is unbeatable. And lastly, Harry Potter. Any Harry Potter film. Because it’s Harry Potter.

What have you learned the most from collaborating with others?

I’ve learned that there is so much more to life than me, myself, and I—so many people have made me feel heard, seen, and inspired.

What do you do when you are feeling uninspired and unmotivated?

Take a long walk outside. Or find a good book or film to zone out in.

Are there any plans for a full album, if so when can we expect it to come out?

There will always be plans for a full album! Right now, we’re sticking with singles, and we’ve got some ready to release over the next couple months!

What do you say to those who are struggling to find love?

You’re not alone! Continue to keep your heart open, and take advantage of this time you’ve been given.

Help us get to know you better, describe your personality by using characters from television shows.

Oh gosh! Well, I’m a whole lot of Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy—the funny faces, the ridiculous antics, the fiery temper. I definitely channel her for shows and photoshoots! I’m a little bit of a Michael Scott from The Office, trying to make everybody laugh and always being a step or ten behind on the latest trends and pop culture. I’ve been told I look and act a bit like Jess from New Girl, which I find both amusing and entirely flattering! And of course, the classic Friends question answered, I’m most like Chandler—I love some dry wit and have a history of terrible hair choices. <<

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