Local Natives: Violet Street - Intelligent and Enchanting

>> 'Violet Street' is the first truly awesome album of summer, and it will catapult Local Natives into a household name.

The Good:

Close your eyes and get whisked away by celestial harmonies and feel ensconced in the warm bath of a cathedral choir in Local Natives latest effort 'Violet Street.' From the beginning you are transported to another era, another planet even, with an orchestral sound that could have been released in the 1970's. Production aside, the meat of the music is deep and chewy, conjuring future plans of warm summer nights, your favorite beverage, and all of your best friends. The continuous listening experience of a well-developed track listing provides ephemeral flashes of 'Dark Side of the Moon.' Superior songwriting blends with emotional resonance to paint textured pictures in the mind. But it’s not just the enveloping sound of melodies that encapsulate the listener, there’s rhythm there, dabbling on funk-infused beats that send toes and fingers tapping. It’s retro and new at the same time and could possibly be best consumed on vinyl, watching the record spin around like it’s ready to get up and dance along with you. "Megaton Mile" could be the album's best example of this phenomenon. The song melds with the next track, "Someday Now," and the tempo change is seamless, sliding directly together without much notice even if the two songs are worlds apart.

The Bad:

Lyrically the album has left something to be desired. There are many lyrical clichés like “can’t un-pull a trigger”, being “caught in the rain” and lots of imagery of holding onto a loved one. Some of the songs have some rather obscure lyrics, the first track on the album "Vogue" is one. The track lacks the structure needed for the average listener to come up with appropriate imagery. "Munich II" is a song bridging instrumental that doesn’t disappoint musically, but seems lost among a sea of songs with lyrics and its purpose is not immediately clear. The album itself is short and that instrumental coming in at less than one minute feels like we may have gotten robbed of another perfectly executed track.

The Review:

Buy this album. Get it in a few different mediums so you have it for your car, home, headphones, stereo system, etc. There is an excellent chance that this album catapults Local Natives into a new realm of stardom and you’re going to want to be the first of your friends to introduce this into the group. There may not be a better album to start off the summer with now that the weather is starting to turn and the sun is shining brighter, hotter, and longer. The fans that have been there since the beginning may have to start getting their tickets a little earlier as shows are already booking up fast this summer and it’s suspected that it won’t slow down as more and more individuals come across 'Violet Street.' That sums up this album, it’s a commencement, the start of something new and the acme of duality. It’s genius but not contrived, retro and new, and will be this summer’s premiere album to drive off with into the sunset. 4.6/5 <<

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