New Music Friday - Turn It Up

1. 'Things I Remember from Earth' by Maybird

Aye ayeee! It's one of our favorite hometown bands! These talented local buds have been working their asses off on their first full length album and now it's time for a celebration! Relax and take several chill pills while you listen to this beautiful psychedelic album this weekend, doctor's orders.

Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!


2. 'GLITA - EP' by Izzy Bizu

Izzy Bizu caught our attention when she was featured on a song, "Bad Things," with some of our favorite Germans, Milky Chance! We couldn't be more psyched to hear she has released new tunes, if you haven't listened to her we highly suggest you do! Listen to the EP on Spotify HERE!


3. "Alligator" by Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men is BACK baby! We are living for this new tune. They teased on Facebook that this was the first of many new songs, excuse us as we scream into the void!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


4. "This Baby Don't Cry" by K.Flay

This anthem is a BANGER! We couldn't be more hype for K.Flay's next album 'Solutions' which will be released on July 12th. Until then I have a feeling this will be on our top played chart!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


5. 'Father of the Bride' by Vampire Weekend

Oooooweeee! This is one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2019. Don't mind us as we just plug in and tune the world out when listening to this! Thank you Vampire Weekend for giving us a much needed escape. Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!