Maybird - Things I Remember from Earth: Rhythmic and groovy

The Good:

If you're looking for an album that pushes the boundaries of what you’d expect from psychedelic rock, 'Things I Remember From Earth' will not disappoint. This album takes us on a sonic joyride, one that is as sentimental as it is psychedelic. It’s refreshing to hear a group of tunes that can truly be considered a “concept album”, yet still holds strong musically speaking. The concept approach of the album heralds back to classic psychedelic traditions, playing upon a more existential vibe than today’s tired love songs. The tunes are both sonically and lyrically more intriguing, zooming out to take us into a spacious and experimental soundscape. Lo-fi sound effects like tape players work to produce a nostalgic and spacious sonic atmosphere. The band definitely expanded their comfort zones, playing with unique instruments that add an exciting and unexpected flair to the overall sound. “The Damages” features a Chinese Erhu, which transitions beautifully into a gorgeous flute in the following song “When I Find My Way Out of the Circle” - two surprising instrument choices that aren't usually found on psychedelic rock albums like this one. The percussion on “Gonna Lose Your Mind” will definitely cause any rhythm lover’s ears to perk up, as its beat carries some of the most invigorating and danceable energy on the album. That upbeat stamina is carried through the following couple tracks, keeping you on a rhythm wave that’s nicely rounded out with more sentimental tunes such as “Nothing Lasts Forever”. There are some really nice backup harmonies on many of the tracks, balanced with brilliant guitar work by multiple band members.

The Bad:

A few tracks are begging for just a little bit more, to carry out the energetic arch of the album. “Montreal” starts out as an upbeat joyride of a tune, yet ends rather abruptly, leaving the listener wanting just a little bit more to keep riding out that wave of energy. The transition into slower tunes is a rather unexpected, but still carried out gracefully. If you’re looking for a record that has one consistent sound, the trajectory of these tunes might throw you through a loop. There’s some unexpected turns that might feel pretty abrupt or disjunctive, and as much as it pushes some experimental boundaries, it still stays within the strictures of a psychedelic rock album. In some of the more rhythmically-focused songs, the lyrics are begging for a little bit more prominence, but this lyrical craving is satisfied in their longer sentimental ballads.

The Review:

This album truly feels like the culmination of Maybird’s musical efforts over the past few years. You can feel their musical inspirations in the platter of different approaches to their sound, a variety that keeps you hooked until the very end. Pulling from throwback vibes that sound like a crossover between the tunes from nineties rock bands all the way back to the sixties, this album runs the gamut. The tunes call upon the energetic vibes of the Neutral Milk Hotel, fused with the nostalgic sounds of the Beatles’ White Album. An exciting joyride of experimental splendor, Maybird has created a record that satisfies every craving you would want a psychedelic rock album to satisfy. The trajectory of these tracks takes us on a gorgeous groove wave, that gives us a rhythm to dance to as well as some ballads to sway to. 'Things I Remember From Earth' presents a refreshingly inquisitive approach to a concept album, as we are invited to think about this very concept and ask ourselves the same question. Definitely grab a tape cassette of the album if you have the chance, as this album was definitely made to be heard in that format. 4.5/5 <<

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