>> This past Saturday we celebrated the release of Floated Magazine Issue 7. Our release show included incredible body-shaking performances by The Sugargliders, Buffalo Sex Change, Green Dreams, and Walrus Junction.

The Sugargliders started off the night with heart-melting harmonies. The newest members, Zach Kochan and Ryan Yarmel, are perfect additions to the band, elevating their sound to a new high. Goosebumps everywhere.

Buffalo Sex Change rocked the room! Their vibrant energy and steady rhythm made sure the crowd was shakin’ their thangs! If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this duo you MUST! It will change your life.

Green Dreams hit the stage next. Their grunge alternative rock sounds filled the room and the crowd shrieked with approval. Jesse beamed as she talked about her status as covergirl of issue 7! Their high energy and emotional vibes made the audience connect with the band on another level.

Last but most definitely not least, Walrus Junction ran onto the stage with an insane amount of energy. Frontman Iggy Marino finished off the night strong with wild dance moves and fierce vocals. The rest of the band kept up effortlessly. We cannot thank everyone enough for supporting the magazine and every single one of these talented musicians. Without this support we wouldn’t exist. <<

Check out Issue 7 of Floated Magazine HERE!