Metamorphosizing the Craft: Tabitha Coiro’s Evolving Journey into the Tattoo Industry

>> Tabitha Coiro is a perfect example of following your dreams, despite your hesitations. Setbacks could have prevented her from tattooing, but her persistence paid off. Tabitha remembers being interested in tattooing throughout high school but brushed the idea aside, thinking it was an unrealistic career move. In order to stay connected to art, and hopefully land a sustainable career, Tabitha pursued graphic design at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY. During her first year as a student, Tabitha became an apprentice at a tattoo parlor while continuing to work and attend school. Apprentices generally work for free at a tattoo shop, building their art portfolio and working towards a better understanding of the craft. Her apprenticeship continued until she graduated and began tattooing full-time. Tabitha is currently tattooing at Art Affliction Tattoo Studio in Greece, NY where she is in the midst of her second year of tattooing full-time.

Tabitha spoke highly of her hardworking and talented fellow artists. She especially admires shop owner Tom Sherman, who has been tattooing for over twenty years and whom she apprenticed under when she began at Art Affliction. Tabitha currently enjoys tattooing her incredibly charming Studio Ghibli tattoos, flowers, animals and much more. She is looking forward to tattooing “bigger pieces,” laughing with us that she would love to do a back piece but hasn’t yet, explaining that she “loves giant tattoos that flatter the contours of someone’s body.” She hasn’t nailed down her favorite style of tattooing yet, but describes her range of style from “bold and bright” to “dark and creepy,” and she’s “always working toward finding a style I like.” Her Instagram reflects this, featuring a bubbly, bright heart with soot sprites but also a dainty girl with a floating skull for a head.<<

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