Artist Spotlight: Alivia Dulce Ruiz

>> Alivia has embodied creativity since she can remember: scribbling with colored pencils on pieces of paper larger than her; drawing animal masks and wearing them while playing; building her own kites; painting; and singing. Her love of all things creative led her to pursuing her BFA in Medical Illustration at RIT. After graduation, she's continued to work in various media, including photography and digital media, focusing on creating content for health and environmentally conscious companies, as well as educational institutions centered on uplifting communities through knowledge. She currently serves as part-time content creator and class facilitator at 540WMain Communiversity. The rest of her time is dedicated to contract design and illustration, basking in nature as much as possible, and creating music.

She'd like to thank Calvin Eaton of 540WMain, Adam Eaton of Rochester Artist Collaborative, and all of her clients for continuing to support her. It's through this support that her life as a creative possible.

You can follow her art, music, and nature adventures on Instagram @dulceruiz57 If you are interested in contracting her, you can reach her at She'll be part of an Artist's Panel Discussion presented by Rochester Artists Collaborative and 540WMain Communiversity on Saturday, June 8th, 2pm - 4pm at the Douglass Auditorium at 36 King St. Tickets are $25. She'll be joining other incredible women artists based in Rochester. <<