New Music Friday - Emotionally Charged

1. 'Living Mirage' by The Head and The Heart

The Head and The Heart have been releasing consistently bangin' albums for years. So you bet your ass we are excited to see that their latest album is finally here! Get ready to feel all of the feels while you listen to this passionate, intense, and emotionally charged album. Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!


2. "Safe and Sound" by Yoke Lore

We are always pumped to hear new music from our friend Yoke Lore. He constantly pushes us to think about life, ourselves, and our relationships in the most beautiful way- through music. This tune is no different. Take a minute this weekend and really listen to this song...and Yoke Lore's music in general because this is the kind of self-care we ALL need! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


3. "Doin' Time" by Lana Del Rey

We are LIVING for this beautiful Sublime cover. Only Lana Del Rey could make these dark lyrics sound like a dream. This lady has gifts! We are eagerly awaiting her next album, 'Norman Fucking Rockwell,' which will be released at some point this year, until then you can

listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


4. "Go" by The Black Keys

The Rock N' Roll duo is back baby! This summer is going to be packed with new releases including The Black Keys next album, 'Let's Rock,' which will be released on June 28th. We have a feeling that this album will be the best soundtrack to rock you into a spectacular summer!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


5. "Norton Commander (All We Need)" by Men I Trust

Slowin' it down with this dreamy tune by one of our favorite indie dream pop bands. We highly recommend taking a long drive in the sun, letting all your troubles melt away, and blasting this tune....if you need some inspiration check out the music video! ;)

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!