Growing up with Graci Phillips

>> Singer-songwriter indie-folk-pop musician Graci Phillips, grew up in Nashville surrounded by music. Check out her guest blog post below to learn more about her artistic journey, inspirations, and what her plans are for 2020!

Could you describe your artistic journey a bit for us-- and how did growing up in Nashville shape the path that you took as a musician?

Growing up in Nashville has been a huge part of my journey! My parents are both singer-songwriters and they actually met at a record label in the late ’80s! Music was not only normal in my house but very encouraged! I got my first little starter guitar when I was about 4, but I really started playing when I was about 11. We lived across the block from the library and I would walk over every couple days and check out as many CDs as they would let me. I’d sit in my room with stacks and stacks of CDs and just devour them. From a really young age, I was captivated by music. When I was in high school my parents wanted to record a family album—all my siblings are very musical as well—and they let me put one of the songs I’d written on the album! That was really the tipping point for me. I was writing and playing a lot, but getting to professionally record my own music was when I first realized I wanted to do this forever. Through that project, I started working with my wonderful producer, Mike Demus. He really liked my song and wanted to hear more which led to us doing my first album, Catastrophe! There was no turning back after that. I knew I couldn’t be anything in life other than a musician.

Tell us a bit about the inspiration that went behind your latest EP 'Burning House.' What plans do you have to advance your musical career in the future?

My first album 'Catastrophe' was the story of my high school experience, essentially. And a lot of it is about my first love and heartbreak! A lot of those songs I wrote in high school. So when it came time to think about recording new material I wanted it to be the graduation of the first album. 'Burning House' was a condensed story of what my life looked like from high school through my early 20’s. Still some heartbreak, but a lot of growing up! Those songs all represent hard lessons I’ve learned over the years. I’m very excited for what’s ahead! We’re in the thick of our Live Sessions Series that is released weekly on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and we’re getting prepared to get back in the studio to start recording the new music we’ve been working on! I’m so excited to share everything we’ve been dreaming up! I don’t want to give too much away, but we’ll likely be releasing some singles this year in anticipation of a full album 2020! But in the meantime, we release new songs weekly online! Check it out! :)

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