Artist Spotlight: Teagan West

>> Teagan West’s work investigates the human species’ relationship to the Earth through a deeply primitive lens. Drawn to the increasing disconnect between humanity and nature, West aims to bring attention to the changing relationship of humanity to the Earth. As humans grow further away from living in harmony with nature, our presence on this planet seems more domineering and intrusive, rather than respectful and symbiotic. It’s as if we have separated ourselves from nature itself, and now live outside its authority - our presence on this planet becoming seemingly alien in essence.

West follows the footprints of ancient civilizations’ practices of mark-making and symbolism, in order to investigate humanity’s traditional attempts to connect with nature. Bringing these practices into the current landscape, the artist creates marks on the Earth that point to a rupture in our current ability to connect with nature. The marks and symbols depicted feel more like interventions within the landscape, rather than an effort to connect with the Earth.

Employing the use of a forensic style of photography, West creates images that act as evidence, documenting these interventions found in the landscape. The series instills a cryptic essence, leaving the viewer to question how and why these marks were made, and by whom. West’s aim with the work is to invite the viewer to investigate the human species’ relationship to the Earth, and whether or not our presence on this planet has become more alien than symbiotic. <<

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