>> Luana Kiara is a Swedish singer-songwriter with Gambian roots, who is very outspoken about domestic violence and feminism as illustrated in her music video "Triggered". Check out her guest blog post below where she talks about the inspiration for the music video, how she stays strong in today's oppressive society, and what advice she has for other women to break through and become a powerful voice just as she has!

The inspiration for the music video for "Trigger" basically came from me and the director of the video connecting through similar experiences. And from there we just knew we had to do something important with that. We both had something to tell and these two stories basically made the storyline for the music video. And in the end, it was just so important to tell the story right for (especially) all the women but of course also all men living in silence of abuse in relationships.

I surround myself with other strong women who have also gone through a lot of shit but still manage to come through to the other side. I mean, we women are so incredibly strong, we go through so much, over and over and over and over again but still manage to be kind and loving and trusting. We don’t take our anger or our pain and use it in violence or in hate. We stand up, we stand strong and together, for each other. You are not alone, we’re all in today’s society together.

To all women. Just tell your truth. And don’t be afraid to do it, whether it’s through your art or your work or maybe just to a friend. Just be truthful about your experiences and who you are. It’s so hard when society constantly tells us who to be or who not to be. To be silent, to be passive and not stand out too much. Fuck that. Be exactly who you are. If not for you then for all the other women and our next generation. <<

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