Rochester Brainery: Danielle Raymo’s Collaborative Powerhouse

>> The Rochester Brainery has become a powerhouse for brainstorming and learning, and has spun into a high demand frenzy of sharing, networking, and learning for the city. From its inception in 2012, to its current standing in the community, the Brainery has experienced nothing but consistent innovation and tremendous growth.

Danielle Raymo, the owner and operator of the establishment, is supported by several phenomenal staff members. Raymo has worked in marketing for some time and at one point in her career spent her talents in Brooklyn, New York. It was there when she became inspired by the idea of letting the community teach each other, for everyone’s benefit. Businesses would share information and teach others in “a non-salesy way,” community members would network, and make friendships along the way - these are the experiences and skills that she would strive to bring to Rochester.

Raymo began putting together a business plan for the Rochester Brainery in May 2012. Figuring out how to make this idea sustainable was one of the crucial parts of the process. One of the first steps was applying for loans which also meant scoping out a venue and its logistical costs for upkeep - all details that Raymo had not even begun to consider. In this search for a space, she came across a spot in the Village Gate and started to talk with the late owner, Gary Stern. She fell in love with the location that Gary had to offer, and truthfully, Stern’s flexibility with their timeline and his enthusiasm for the project is what encouraged Raymo to continue working hard to be able to acquire it. The Rochester Brainery was able to open up their doors in March 2013 officially.

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