The Noble Kind - Aeternum: Relaxation and Flow

>> The indie-folk band from Rochester, New York, The Noble Kind, recently released their second EP, ‘Aeternum.’ Since their first EP in 2017, the trio has been working to find their own unique sound.

The Good:

Shayne Priddy’s voice will guide you into a beautiful world full of introspection and relaxation. The EP is well curated and each song flows perfectly into the next. The arch of the tracks on this release mimic the overall build up and cool-down of the EP as a whole. Each song starts off on a slower tempo then moves about building a more powerful emotional state, and eventually hitting the climax before slowing down to taper off into the next movement.

The Bad:

The piano featured in “The Heart is a Maze” is so lovely but it gets a bit lost. My only wish is that this song was more balanced. At times, the instruments feel a bit crowded and muddy. “Don’t Look Back” is the only song that seems to have folk influence, an aspect of the EP which I really appreciated. At the end of this record, I was left yearning for more of that folky spirit.

The Review:

I highly suggest sitting outside with a nice cold beverage of your choice while you listen to this EP. Maybe take a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of your week. My personal favorites on this album are “Faithful Friend” and “Don’t Look Back.” 3.8/5 <<

Listen to 'Aeternum' HERE!

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