Music Video Premiere: The Able Bodies - Togetha Foreva

"Togetha Foreva" is The Able Bodies' latest single. It's a song about (you guessed it), LOVE. The deepest love. The type of love that makes you want to be a one-woman man. That real ish. You check all the facts and figures, not just once - but twice. And they all point to being Togetha Foreva.

You may recognize The Able Bodies, as they were featured in Issue 4 of Floated Magazine.

When Master and Padawan join forces, some crazy shit is destined to happen. John Viviani and Elijah Flynn merged their sonic ingenuity, and have become a force to be reckoned with, now wearing Floated’s crown as Rochester’s grooviest duo.

Why able bodies?

Elijah: Able Bodies was an idea - its a play on Ableton, which is a music production software that John uses when he produces all this beautiful music.

John: I’m not good at coming up with names. I was like, “Come up with a name Elijah.” I wanted to call the band Downward Groove. He did not like that idea, so we came up with Able Bodies, and it wasn’t taken. We have an interesting history. Elijah was actually a guitar student of mine back in the day, he was in high school right?

Elijah: I think it was before that. I was like 14, 15.

John: Elijah was one of my star guitar students for a couple years, and when he got into college and started playing out and around town. I was still playing in various projects around Rochester, different bands that I was in, Filthy Funk and Blue Falcon. We played a show together right? Elijah: Yeah we played a show at the Skylark, and Lovin’ Cup.

John: I was working on some new music, a little more contemporary a little more synthpop kind of sound and I thought his voice would sound great on it. Don’t let that go to your head, Elijah.

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