>> As many individuals know, cannabis is a naturally growing plant which has developed itself into a multi-purpose tool for the everyday American citizen. Cannabis offers two variations itself: a male and a female counterpart. The male plant does not produce buds, so the properties of the plant are used for industrial purposes, either woven into a fiber or extracted for food. The female plant, which produces buds or flowers, is used for medicinal and recreational use, its bud when broken down into its primary substances, consists of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Each one provides a different effect on the body; however, cannabidiol has absolutely no psychoactive effects, meaning the drug can be applied or taken in large, continuous amounts without substantial harm to your body’s mental or physical functions. Each of these substances’ popularity has rapidly increased since the introduction of recreational and medical dispensaries in states across our nation. New York, which has decriminalized the possession of marijuana and legalized the sale of CBD products, is home to many organizations and companies who sell cannabis products. In doing so, they strive to educate the community on its vast array of applications so that the plant can become a more welcoming source to better human health and living. Roc City Cannabis and Hemp it Up! are two companies spearheading the movement in the Greater Rochester area, and both companies spoke with us to share an in-depth look into their contributions and knowledge on the growing cannabis industry.

Peter Cartella, the founder and majority-owner of Roc City Cannabis LTD,

is a “lifelong canna-connoisseur” with a strong passion for the ‘canna-culture’ lifestyle and the derivative products cannabis can provide. He explains that only a few days ago, he stumbled upon some papers while moving which dated back to his seventh-grade class. The most notable paper in this stack was an assignment asking what ten items he would want to have with him if he was stranded on an island. He responded in an upbeat tone that it would be “a bag of one-hundred hemp seeds. Specifically hemp.” Recalling this event during our interview sparked a realization in him that this was one of the “smartest things that I said in my cheeky years because now, knowing what you could do if you were stranded with a bag of hemp seeds, there are so many things that you could have done with it.”

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