Carpool - Resilience Through Music

>> Often times to relax, Blake Weissinger and Chris Colasanto of Carpool would spend hours cruising around their neighborhood. They almost always took the same routes and began to be suspicious when they thought people were starting to watch them. That suspicion grew into a belief that everyone around them was a cop - from minivans and Priuses to ladies on the sidewalks with little dogs and lopsided haircuts. It is stories like these and genuine exploratory life experiences that shaped this band into who they are now, and the music that they love to create. From overcoming depression to writing music for stories they don’t want to forget, Carpool proclaims that “bad luck is constant; you just gotta eat that shit.”

Colasanto and Weissinger have been friends since the ninth grade, meeting at Gates-Chili high school on the late bus. Weissinger had been jamming to the band Fight Start, and Colasanto recognized it. Weissinger had never met anyone else who had heard of the British band before, and so an instant friendship was created at that moment. A couple of years down the road, Tommy came along, showing up at “another chill night at Stoph’s house.” Weissinger (on drums at that time) and Colasanto (Stoph) were messing around on their instruments when Tommy Eckerson decided to join along on bass, and the rest was history.

In 2014, the trio started their first musical endeavor together titled Eyes Wide Shut, for which Colasanto had written an entire album. At the height of their career, they opened for the band Nothing, and shortly after that became inactive. “We weren’t really poppin’ yet,” says Weissinger. Individually, they each had different things going on that led them to disband. Sticking together for a few shows and an album, they definitely got some much-needed experience for their growth as musicians that would be useful to them as they began Carpool.

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