Red-Light Revelation with Will Fox

>> Will Fox is an indie folk artist and vagabond. He was born in Houston, TX, raised in London, Paris, and the American South. His debut album 'Which Way' is coming out on July 12th. We were fortunate to hear some wisdom from Will and pass it along with this guest blog post.

I think there is some wisdom that I can pass on here. I have made my dream come true. I have my first album 'Which Way' coming out on July 12th, I will hold this record in my hands, a group of songs that were brought to life by my hardworking and talented friends, a group of songs that have symbolized my growth, and that have given meaning to the very universal obstacles I have faced as an adult: my dad’s cancer diagnosis, my identity as a nomad, heartbreak and the realization that life is fragile. I’d like to describe these obstacles as, “things they don’t teach you in school”. I’m lucky that I even have a dream, and that alone is a privilege that I won’t take for granted. But the most important thing I learned from this dream is that happiness is not a destination, it is a feeling in a moment.

I remember driving home at two in the morning, listening to a mix of the last song we had recorded for my album, a song about my brother that I had always dreamt I’d write. I had a revelation at a red light, that this feeling of pure contentment that I was sure should last forever would be reduced in the morning and gone tomorrow night, but that, well, it was okay. We are bred to believe that the goals we set ourselves are our proverbial heaven, some mystical place that immortalizes our happiness, but they’re not! We’re animals, and happiness is the electricity of chemicals filling your brain and telling you to smile or laugh, or cry with joy. There are going to be good days, and bad days, for the rest of our lives, and if my coworker can make me laugh as I’m polishing my one-millionth fork during a moment of existential dread, well then that moment of happiness is just as strong or even stronger than my red-light revelation. Music also brings those moments of happiness right? Those warm distractions from your past and future self.

I guess I can tie this together by saying, choosing to be a musician is choosing to have your voice heard, whether it’s to 5 or 5 million people. And I’d like nothing more than to be able to connect my listeners to the things “they don’t teach us in school”. If I can lift anyone from the weight of life for 3 and a half minutes, well then that would make me very happy, for the moment of course. <<

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