>> Never underestimate the power of a short film; while small they can be quite mighty. Typically being categorized as 40 minutes or less, short-form film allows for new opportunities for rising filmmakers. In the era of streaming platforms, it’s encouraging to see short films being featured in some lineups. Hollywood desperately needs fresh voices, and short films allow for these voices to be heard.

Recently added to HBO Now is Andrew Garcia’s short La Piel De Ayer (which translates to The Skin of Yesterday). Taking place during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, La Piel De Ayer follows a young father who struggles to support his grandmother and daughter. Due to limited provisions, he sets out to find clean water for him and his family.

La Piel De Ayer is lush with emotional impact. The film begins with real footage of the destruction that Hurricane Maria caused and sweeps us up in the tragedy that still remains. Its dialogue is realistic and pronounced, and its writing is captivating and draws you in almost instantly. La Piel De Ayer is poetic in both a thematic and visual sense—its visuals are stunning and pairs perfectly with the story that unfolds. 8/10 <<

La Piel De Ayer is available to stream both on HBO Now and HBO Go.