>> Growing up on the south coast of England, Ed found music through his father’s old blues records and his mother’s Laurel Canyon songbooks. He left school at 16 and saved his money working in the local guitar shop to buy a one-way ticket to North America.

Aged 18, and accompanied by a notepad of his favourite guitar players' phone numbers, Ed traveled coast to coast learning from musicians who graced the landscape of the 70s and 80s American radio. It was on Greyhound buses and in small-town hostels that he developed his love of songwriting.

Following the success of "Eyes On You," and having gathered a combined 4 million streams in 2018 alone, Ed Patrick re-enters the mainstream with his self-produced and stripped back new single "Blow My Cover."

The song itself started as just a playful little idea I didn’t think was that good but catchy - ‘I guess I’m cheap but I’m sold, to whatever you’re selling.’

And the second line - ‘But I guess if truth be told I tripped and I fell in’ is a nod to the Ray Parker tune "The Other Woman"... I always loved that image of tripping over literally in a love song… if that makes sense.

Anyway, I finished the song and it was one that most people commented on so I started to take it more seriously and it ended up being my first single (of an EP coming out in June). I guess it’s about pretending you’re not available to fall for someone but in truth, you can’t make those decisions for yourself. <<

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