Kiki BananaHammock Growth Within The Drag Community

When Anthony Bizzarro started his freshman year of college at R.I.T, he didn’t realize that he would soon also be starting a career of a completely different nature.

At his first ever college party, clad in a banana hammock, he competed against fellow Rochester drag queen Kandi Kouture in a dance battle to the popular queer hit “Let’s Have a Kiki” by Scissor Sisters. While Bizzarro may have lost the battle, he gained an alter ego, aptly named Kiki BananaHammock.

“I had never worn makeup or wigs before, just heels here and there for fun,” says Bizzarro of his start in drag. He enlisted the help of a dear friend and makeup artist to teach him the fundamentals. “Now six years later, it’s practically muscle memory.”

Over that six-year period, Bizzarro has made Kiki BananaHammock a staple within the Rochester drag community, thanks to the support of fellow local queens such as DeeDee Dubois and Wednesday Westwood.

“DeeDee has been doing drag longer than I’ve been alive, and has mastered the craft of running a full-fledged drag business,” says Bizzarro, adding that Dubois has taught him valuable lessons on merchandising. He also added that Dubois and Westwood have helped him immensely by consistently booking Kiki as a performer for events around Rochester.

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