JOYWAVE making a memorable return to The Bug Jar!

>> Joywave @ The Bug Jar, Rochester NY. An event that you never thought you would be able to experience again.

Approximately two years ago, Joywave made a secret appearance during Kopps' set at The Bug Jar. The experience was unbelievable and it was what hooked me on the local music scene in Rochester; the amount of passion, love, and dedication that is being put out is unreal!

After spending a week in North Carolina on a work assignment, this show was the ultimate homecoming that I was looking for. Hours before the show, as I was sitting in the Charlotte Airport reluctantly hearing announcements about my delayed flight, I was bummed out thinking that I would end up missing out on reliving my iconic Joywave memories at The Bug Jar. Luckily, the pilot finally appeared and we headed out toward Rochester. My girlfriend was waiting in Rochester to pick me up, and we whipped back to our apartment, got my camera, and were ready to go to the venue!

Moments after stepping inside The Bug Jar, we immediately felt the body heat of every dedicated fan in there. The Bug Jar was packed, and when I say packed, I mean it; it was hot as fuck! Everyone tried to joke about the fact that they were basically dying of heat stroke.

Joywave came up on stage rocking white button downs and adidas track pants, starting off with their latest single, “Like a Kennedy”. Daniel told the crowd that this track would be the new opening for their upcoming album dropping in early 2020!

A couple of tracks in, Daniel gave us a little bit of behind the scenes insight, noting that the song Parade was based on his experience of running DJ nights at The Bug Jar, "surrounded by people I don't know". As the lights strobed, everyone was jumping around, turning into the crazy mob that Daniel remembers from his past working at the venue.

It was such an amazing event, a lot of people in the crowd that have previously seen Joywave at The Bug Jar were united in an amazing throwback experience while new fans were able to absorb that energy and immortalize it in their memories of their own "first time". The sense of community only increased when Daniel commemorated that no matter where you go in the world, Rochester will always be an amazing city with creators excelling in music, arts, food, and other small business ventures.

A couple of their new tracks were played; I can't wait to jam out to them when their new album is released! Then, after they started to play Tongues, Patricia from Kopps made a special appearance and jammed out with everyone. I honestly couldn't have been more hyped about it!

For the grand finale, Destruction, everyone went nuts! It was the final chance for everyone to dance their asses off, sing their hearts out, and cherish this moment forever! Overall, Joywave put on an extremely memorable show only enhanced by all of the friends and familiar faces at The Bug Jar including Roses and Revolution, Kopps, Maybird, and everyone else that was there to see Rochester's own rockstars jam out at The Bug Jar once again. <<