New Music Friday - Instant Pop Classics

1. "Phone Numbers" by Dominic Fike

Dominic Fike's latest single is the perfect song to add to a summer playlist! This relevant and catchy track discusses the importance of pushing away false friends. Listen to the single on Spotify HERE!

2. "Goodbyes" (feat. Young Thug) by Post Malone

We all knew it was coming - Post Malone's first single of 2019! Since he made us wait over half a year for a new release, Malone also included a movie that was released along with "Goodbyes." Listen to the single on Spotify HERE!

3. 'ERYS' by Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith's latest album takes a completely different creative direction than his previous release 'SYRE.' Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!

4. 'Stranger Things Soundtrack' by Various Artists

The 'Stranger Things Soundtrack' features a number of iconic classic rock tracks including a bangin' remix of The Who's "Baba O'Riley." Listen to the full compilation on Spotify HERE!

5. "Radio" by Ty Segall

The essence of Ty Segall's latest track is best explained by the artist himself: "Radio is a science non-fiction song. We live in a Cronenberg film. It has Videodrome saxoheadphones. I am a slave to the new radio and so are you.” Listen to the single on Spotify HERE!