>> Nothing gets me going more than a solid collaboration between two very talented people. When I heard about Thom Yorke reuniting with Paul Thomas Anderson to create a short film, I almost lost it. Anima is a short musical film, its run time is 15 minutes, and it comes with one instruction: “best played loud”. Anima is the latest installment in the long list of projects (including music videos and film scores) that PTA and Radiohead have collaborated on.

Split into three distinct acts, Anima is very much open to interpretation—it’s loudly expressive and gut-wrenchingly tender at times. Its visuals are purely hypnotic—while they create a distinctive look for each act, they also come together seamlessly as a whole. Anima features new music from Yorke, as well as a company of choreographed dancers (who undoubtedly carry the films narrative structure).

The first two acts of this short are great—they explore ideas of mundanity, getting lost in routine, and the inevitable process of trial and error. Anima has an endless amount of messages and communicates a plethora of ideas, it’s impossible to not have an emotional response to the film. However, the last act of this film is beyond anything I have ever seen. It transcends all other films that focus on human connection. It is raw, powerful, and so passionate that every gesture on-screen feels like a punch to the gut (but in the best way possible).

Watch Anima as loudly as you can, and surrender your entire attention to this 15 minute short. Let yourself settle and find a rhythm with Yorke’s eclectic dancing, and be sure to cry. Cry a lot if you have to—this film is everything, including cathartic. 9.5/10 <<

Anima is available to stream on Netflix.