Gringo Star Brings a Night of Rock n’ Roll Revival to Bug Jar

There is never a dull moment during the summer in Rochester! It was a Tuesday night and everyone was heading into the Bug Jar for an evening of good music. Headlining the event tonight was Gringo Star, Atlanta’s rock n roll outfit with a hint of psychedelic and garage rock. Along with Gringo Star came The Stedwells, our own hometown rockers, and one of our favorite local groups, The Demos.​​

Shout out to Tim Avery for curating such an amazing lineup for this show. The Stedwells were the perfect rock n roll stars with incredible stage presence! Fans started gathering around the stage as the boys walked on. The Stedwells always put on such an energetic set, once again blew me away! If you are a fan of Catfish and the Bottlemen then you are in for a treat, The Stedwells’ modern take on rock and roll gave them a fun and energetic sound that kept the audience headbanging throughout their set!

Next were The Demos, it’s been a hot second since I've seen these guys up on the stage, as they have been busy working on some new sweet tunes! The room got more packed, fans from all around started pouring in wearing their favorite Demos t-shirts, I even saw Alex Durr (The Stedwells’ drummer) rocking an og The Demos shirt design! The venue was filled with love and support for our local artists, and it couldn't have been better! It was nice to see so many familiar faces.

The light dimmed down and The Demos started rocking! They started off the night with “Lonesome No More,” a new track off their latest EP. If you haven't already checked it out head over to their page and peep the live video that I helped shoot for them! The Demos put on their game faces and started jamming out. Every time I see these guys perform they keep getting better and better and better! The crowd was all riled up, The Demos whipped out some new music for us to listen to and it was amazing! Overall this was a stellar show...and on a Tuesday! I was beyond excited to see Gringo Star!

I was so bummed out when I missed their last show at the Bug Jar, so I made sure I wasn't going to be missing this one, and boy did they deliver! Their garage rock-infused psychedelic sounds were the perfect energy to zone out and jam to. These songs gave me such nostalgic feelings. Imagine this, you are laying down on a patch of grass, nice red-pink sunsets over a cliff in the background, the wind blows and whistles around you. You rush over to pick up your bike, put on your headphones, and continue to daydream while cruising through town.