K Flay: Solutions - Autobiographical Pop

>> K.Flay lays it all on the line with some soul searching lyrics and pounding beats. 

The Good:

K. Flay comes back with her third studio album after extensive world touring. She has said in the past that touring has made her a better musician and performer. After this last tour, she must have seen some serious improvement and artistic growth by playing almost a show a night from November 2018 through April 2019. ‘Solutions’ has Flay’s trademark of refusing to be boxed into one genre combining hip hop, rock, pop, blues, and soul. But, the album’s sound is best described as full of pounding beats and soulful pop melodies that will stick in your ear. The anthemic sound is no mistake. World touring both as a headliner and with label-mates Imagine Dragons has pushed her into a new realm of writing. There are some big open songs that will ring out over the large crowds, and she’s grown accustomed to writing entertaining refrains that beg to be chanted. The album opens with the autobiographical “I Like Myself (Most of the Time)” and continues to reveal more and more about how she feels about herself, her life, and her family. The album ends with the song “DNA” where she talks directly about her father with the lyrics “Made up my mind, I don’t want to be like you. But either way, I got you in my DNA.” The songs are touching, driven, and have a great FM radio feel that is sure to be enjoyed across the country. 

The Bad:

Flay’s lyrics straddle the line between selfish and self-help at times which could turn the average listener away. Flay has done this before, but this album feels like she is breaking out of the indie scene and into the mainstream. Her production in the past has earned her a Grammy, but the in this album it falls a bit flat. The vocals blend together and could almost be moved from track to track without the casual listener noticing. It feels a bit odd and takes away from the melody, especially during slower tracks. 

The Review:

Gone is the indie rapper from Stanford. Say hello to an emerging pop star, a household name, and the next song on the radio. ‘Solutions’ as an album title could be because this was the solution to Flay’s unhappiness after her last long tour, which she wasn’t shy to discuss in her interviews. There is no way to know just how good Flay is until you experience her live performance. If you’re interested in seeing her perform, be sure to attend her show in Buffalo on Saturday, September 21st at the Town Ballroom. Listen to the album and go see her live for an unforgettable experience. 3.9/5 <<

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