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Bouncing onto the charts with their emblematic and empowering single “Trampoline,” the Washington D.C. based trio SHAED bring a funky and fresh twist to the radio-pop scene. Comprised of vocalist Chelsea Lee and multiinstrumentalists Max and Spencer Ernst, the twin brothers can often be seen jumping from guitar and bass to synthesizers and keyboards throughout their set, effortlessly supporting Chelsea’s undisturbed and highly polished melodies. Starting out as separate artists, the trio were first introduced to each other at the 930 Club in D.C., where the Ernst brothers were opening up for a show with their former band The Walking Sticks. The three made an immediate connection after their introduction, and as Chelsea puts it, “We instantly fell in love with each other and became best friends.” While the newly acquainted companions often collaborated both on and off-stage, the trio waited to start a project together until 2016 with the creation of SHAED.

Connected by blood and marriage, Chelsea and Spencer tied the knot in 2018 and continue to live with Max, creating music together each and every day. The camaraderie of the three bandmates is vibrantly apparent throughout their performances as the group openly recalls fond stories and memories to their audience. In a deeply personal on-stage moment at SHAED’s show at the Rec Room in Buffalo, Chelsea showcased this emotional clarity and honesty by sharing the backstory behind the self-titled track off of their latest EP ‘Melt.’ Describing the creative dissonance that she has experienced in her personal life, Chelsea offered a graceful explanation to pair with an enchanting execution of the single, singing the lyrics: "Now you’re beggin’ me to smile, but I can’t fake / Thought the point was to create.” If you’re looking to get into an indie-pop project that is genuinely invested in giving back to their fans, SHAED should be number one on your list– or at least very close to the top. Sitting at the merch table for over half an hour after the show ended, Chelsea’s dedication to her audience translates seamlessly from her on-stage interactions to her off-stage conversations with her fans. When the crowd became a bit rowdy and tried to take selfies with her on-stage, the vocalist simply smiled and started to pose for the pictures, keeping the positive energy alive for her listeners.

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