Artist Spotlight: Emilia Aquino

Emilia Aquino is a gender fluid interdisciplinary artist living in Rochester, NY. With a BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Emilia continues their art practice at The Flower City Art Center and in their private studio. Primarily working in ceramics for the last few years, their work has been inspired by a broad sense of “nature;” whether that means literal plant nature, the nature of an action, or the nature of the clay. Because of the many variables in “nature,” Emilia seeks to explore art in a way that is “flexible and open.” Following the mantra, “It’s gonna do what it’s gonna do”, Emilia enjoys following the flow of art and being guided by an idea that may alter depending on time, weather, mentality, or simply the tools at hand. Their latest collection titled, Flowers for Flower City, depicts flowers and fungus that are native to Rochester and Upstate New York.

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