Building a Career and Promoting Mental Health Awareness in the Social Media Age with Maggie Lindeman

Maggie Lindemann is an LA-based pop singersongwriter who has been active in the music scene for quite a while now. She first began posting videos of her music publically on Instagram and other social media platforms. Now, she’s fresh from a release of a brand new single “Friends Go” and a recent tour with Sabrina Carpenter. Throughout her career, Lindemann has been an advocate for mental health and has found a creative outlet for it in her songs. When speaking on her 2018 single “Would I,” she explains that during the writing process for it she “was going through a hard time, dealing with a lot of personal things, having a hard time growing up in the industry. Growing up, in general, is hard.” The way that Lindemann proceeds through all of her song processes is representative of this. Discussing her own experiences with mental health in her adolescence, Lindemann expresses that “when I was first struggling with mental health, there weren’t a lot of people talking about it. I was in high school, and it felt like the people around me just didn’t get me at all, and I felt really alone. Now that I have this platform, it’s nice to look back on that and to talk about my experiences and what I’ve gone through because I know that a lot of people still go through that. It’s important because I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they’re alone or that no one gets them, because that’s a big thing with depression.”

As a way to cope with her mental health, Lindemann finds comfort in both the people in her life and music in its many forms: “I’m really lucky that I get to live with my best friend. He helps me a lot when I’m having a bad day, and he’ll come to me with some funny news or just say something funny, and just having friends around helps a lot. Another thing is music. I love music, playing my guitar or filming a cover, or writing, or even singing one of my old songs, anything with music helps a lot. Even if the song itself absolutely sucks, I’ll write out my feelings and what I’m going through at that moment, and it just helps to put it on paper and put it into words and just get it out.” One of the things that has been important to her throughout her songwriting process is her favorite artists, that also serve as her biggest influences: “I listen to a lot of Lana Del Rey, Lil Peep, X, Billie Eilish, and Jake Bugg is a big one. Whenever I’m sad, his music makes me feel calm and mellowed out, and I don’t feel those sad feelings anymore.”

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