The Best Day of My Life: Brews and Wines on the Water

It sure was a hot day, and a perfect day to day drink! Brews and Wines 2019 was already in action when we arrived; the VIP gate had opened and the crowd was slowly trickling in to Gratwick Waterfront Park. Me and the crew got ourselves situated as soon as we rolled in so we could spend some time sampling the amazing brews before the music started!

The location and scenery was amazing; there was a slight breeze coming in from the waterfront, and the clouds provided just enough shade to make this hot summer day enjoyable. The atmosphere couldn’t have been any better for listening to live music from two amazing artists, “In the Valley Below”, and “American Authors”.

In the Valley Below, based out of LA, is an amazing power balladry mixed with some dark electro-pop, famous for their debut track, “Peaches." All I can say is that the radio station made a great choice to have this artist perform for this event; their vibe and their music was spot on!

American Authors is a Brooklyn-based, four piece rock band known for their track “Best Day of My Life." If you haven’t heard this song before, I’m not sure where you’ve been hiding! The audience was beyond excited for these two artists to perform- everyone had lawn chairs set up and was chilling since the beginning of the event! This lineup combined with beer, wine, and beautiful weather made for a perfect Saturday!

As the crowd flooded in and began to sample the brews, you could smell beer all throughout the park. Walking through the rows of tents, we recognized lots of local and regional vendors. Banana Wheat Ale, Jalapeño Beer, Mango Lime Milkshake Beer, you name it, they had it! Their energy made everyone enjoy Brews and Wines 2019 even more!

With lawn games scattered throughout the park, you could hear joyful screaming of couples striking in Kan-Jam and the sounds of giant Jenga towers crashing. Alternative Buffalo 107.7 definitely put on the ultimate backyard day drinking party that we all dreamt of!

After we made one round through the park and sampled some brews, In the Valley Below hopped up on stage and blew away the crowd! Angela’s voice had such a lovely yet powerful tone that immediately shifted the crowd’s attention and people started to gather by the stage. Young couples were dancing while older fans were sitting in their lawn chairs and sipping on their beer samples. Overall, In the Valley Below’s performance made for a 10/10 chill rating; everyone was having a great time! The power duo put on such a dynamic and entertaining set, performing a track from their latest album “The Pink Chataeu”. If you haven’t already listened to this album, do yourself a favor and check it out. Head over to your closest park, put on your headphones, find a spot on the grass, and enjoy this work of art that they have crafted!

Finishing off their set with our all time favorite, “Peaches," you could hear everyone in the park singing along with the band! American Authors came on stage next, bringing a whole new level of energy! These guys have been playing music together for over a decade, but they did not seem tired or bored with it at all! It was surreal to be up from jamming out to “Best Day of My Life” as they have been such a big part of the alternative scene!

Close to the end of their set, dark clouds blew over and we got rained on a little bit, but it was just the perfect amount to give a little bit of excitement and to cool everyone off for the night! American Authors braved the rain and jammed out with the crowd until it passed; we were even left with a nice rainbow to look at in the distance while listening to the band jam out their last couple of tracks! Overall, this is an experience that I’ll be cherishing for years to come! If you missed out on this year’s event, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year!