Artist Spotlight: Karrah Teague

On Karrah Teague’s first solo exhibition, “Wrong Planet”

Some artists desperately want you to know the deeper meaning of their work. They labor over provocative titles and spend countless hours reworking their artist’s statements. For those artists, the joy in art is the insertion of themselves into a work — the knowing of the creative soul behind the work.

Then there are artists like Karrah Teague, whose personality is obscured behind endless layers of paint. The joy in their work comes from the openness of interpretation as the viewer searches for intentional strokes in utter chaos.

"Mystery Science Theater" by Karrah Teague, photo provided by

Teague’s irreverent inspiration for (the piece) “Mystery Science Theater” might be disappointing to those who think artists should insert a deeper personal meaning into their work. For Teague, however, the absence of personal meaning is precisely the point. While streaming the riff comedy show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, at home, her television glitched. Instead of robot puppets watching a B-Horror film, she was watching a scrambled, multicolored, and frame-delayed picture similar to what non-subscribers of Cinemax saw when they flipped through the channel in the ’90s.

Teague fixated on the psychedelic transmission and began to see the painting within. She snapped a photo and quickly got to work.

Excerpt from Patrick Doyle’s article “Rochester Artist Pulls Purpose Out of Disorder”

Head over to The Yards (50-52 Rochester Public Market, Rochester, NY 14609)

on Friday August 2nd between 6pm - 10pm to see Karrah Teague's First Solo Exhibition

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