New Music Friday - Indie Power-Pop Anthems

1. ‘Do You Feel Me?’ by Oliver Tree

If you haven't started listening to Oliver Tree yet - you're missing out. This intense vocalist and performer from Santa Cruz writes songs that make you want to quit your job, smash all your earthly possessions, and incite a riot. Listen to his latest album HERE!

2. ‘Immunity’ by Clairo

We have been anticipating the release of Clairo's album for the entire summer! The upcoming indie artist mixes the best parts of indie and synth-pop together to create an infusion of undeniably intoxicating tracks! Listen to the album HERE!

3. “Black Bull” by Foals

Foals has consistently provided their audience with well-written and repeat-worthy power jams. Listen to their latest single HERE!

4. “Out of My Mind” by morgxn

Remember when morgxn played at Rochester's own Record Archive in March? The team at Floated was lucky enough to meet with the phenomenal vocalist and capture some great shots of the intimate afternoon concert. We're always so excited to share anything that this talented musician releases, and we urge you to listen to his latest single HERE!

5. “Boogie Juice” by HALFNOISE

HALFNOISE are a band to keep your eye on in the upcoming months. The project of Paramore drummer and multi-faceted artist Zac Farro will be releasing a new LP 'Natural Disguise' on October 4th. Listen to the first single from the album HERE!