EP Premiere - GBMystical: Cave

>> GBMystical is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist from Syracuse, NY who has been releasing music actively and intensively since 2013. His first release of songs 'RDVRK' written between the years of 2011 and 2013 showcased his rhythmic and compositional prowess across various genres of electronic music. He developed these songwriting tactics to begin recording more guitar based and pop structured songs that flourished with his release of 'brb' in 2017. 2018 was met with a harder and more distorted take on his songwriting on his EP 'Mysti' and then his deeply personal EP 'just..' released in October that same year. 'just..' acted as a huge developmental tool for GB after incredibly complicated personal life changes and it acts as a strong representation of his legitimacy as a songwriter. His newest EP 'CAVE' is set to come out on August 9th through Sweet Tooth Tapes as a six song psychedelic take on his development as an artist. Much of GB's time is used playing in other great bands and mastering other people's audio work. Listen to 'CAVE' HERE! <<

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