Artist Spotlight: Sylvan Hemingway

As a collage artist, my intent is to discover elements of combined images which draw upon subtle forms of communication. In an attempt to grow as an artist, discovering these elements leads to their incorporation into future work for further exploration. The art of flipping through magazines, rough clipping, exact cutting, finding one's dialogue, and confidently pasting is a seemingly universal joy for creative minds. It allows an approachable interplay of reality with imagination, and structure with rebellion.

Sylvan has been working closely with collage for seven years. In 2017 Sylvan partnered with two indispensable co-founders and driven collage artists J.J. @mixedmessagesclub and Boomer @boombangblam to form the Rochester Collage Society. Together, it is the goal of the Rochester Collage Society to share and foster an appreciation for collage in Rochester. For more info and how to get involved or questions, find us on Instagram @Rochester_Collage_Society, and send us a message - we love to nerd out about gluing techniques.

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