New Music Friday - An Exploration of Sounds

1. "How Did We Get Here" by The Byways

The Byways are a fantastic indie band from Rochester, New York that released the first single off of their upcoming EP ‘Something to Prove’ which will hit the airwaves on November 1st. Check out this new single and watch the great music video that goes along with it by the talented Jon Lewis! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


2. "British Bombs" by Declan McKenna

Declan is no stranger to using music as a way to state his political opinions. His latest song is anti-war, “I wanted to write a song that was outright against war, in any form. Violence breeds violence and I just don’t think the world is too complex to set a peaceful precedent, but it seems the business of war is what keeps happening. To say it’s a shame feels like a huge understatement.” Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


3. "People" by The 1975

We have been a fan of The 1975 ever since their first hit "Chocolate" graced our eardrums. But DAMN this tune is REVOLUTIONARY! The band is angry and we are delighted with the magnificent results. This tune gives us life and we are ready to RAGE!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


4. "Daydreaming" by Milky Chance featuring Tash Sultana

We have been, not so patiently, waiting for new tunes from Milky Chance ever since their album 'Blossom' came out in 2017. This funk-filled dreamy tune featuring Tash Sultana is making us sway into the good vibes that weekends bring. The band also announced that their third album, 'Mind The Moon,' will be released on November 15th!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


5. "She Plays Bass" by bebadoobee

Besides having one of the coolest stage names we have EVER seen, this talented lady and her band will be hittin' the road and playing some shows with Clairo this October! Dance away your worries with this indie pop bop! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


6. "Snake Oil" by Troubleshooter

Troubleshooter identifies themselves as a melodic post-hardcore band. These Rochestarians have a new tune that they all birthed together. If you find yourself head-bangin' to this come out to the Vineyard Community Space on August 29th to hear it live!

Listen to the song on bandcamp HERE!