Film Review - The Peanut Butter Falcon

>> Some of us are lucky enough to have personally experienced the enchanted bond that can form between two souls that seem to be on different paths. For the rest of us, The Peanut Butter Falcon is on screen now to let you live vicariously through all of those feels.

The story starts in Richmond where Zak, a young man with down syndrome played by Zack Gottsagen, was stuck in a retirement home when no one else was able to care for him. Confined, longing for an escape, and desperate to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time wrestler, like his hero Salt Water Redneck, he escapes the retirement home with the help of his elderly roommate. Shortly after escaping, Zak meets Tyler, a hopeless fishermen played by Shia LaBeouf. When their paths cross, Tyler is in the midst of grieving the loss of his brother while also seeking revenge on those that wronged his family’s name. A tale of two men with no family who are desperate for a fresh start. Reluctant at first, Tyler agrees to guide Zak to his idol’s wrestling school en route to his new life in Florida. Their hilarious journey from strangers, to travel partners, to family, took the audience on an unforgettable and relatable journey of an unlikely friendship. Through sinking boats and burning rafts, the duo laughed and loved their way through near death experiences in order to create a life worth living.

The cinematography of The Peanut Butter Falcon added to the emotional storyline; with shots that invited the audience into the story as one of the characters. This film allowed viewers to personally experience this journey, feeling the love and understanding that we all yearn for. In an era riddled with hopeless divide and unjustified hatred, this film promises to restore hope in kindness, humanity, and “good guys”. <<