New Music Friday - Indie Dream Bops

1. "So So" by Deep Wimp

You may recognize Trevor Courneen, the guitarist and vocalist of this new alternative pop-punk group Deep Wimp from a previous New Music Friday! Deep Wimp are a Brooklyn-based band with an exciting potential. We've been jamming out to their latest single "So-So" all week long, and we're excited to share it with you here!

Listen to the song on bandcamp HERE!


2. 'The Kids Are Coming' by Tones and I

Tones and I, Australia's newest indie star, popped up on our radar through Alt Nation. Her hit "Dance Monkey," immediately made us a huge fan! Her raspy powerful vocals are enough to make you want to cry. Listen to the EP on Spotify HERE!


3. 'Forever Turned Around' by Whitney

Whitney has always made dreamy beautiful music. According to the band, this album discusses several topics: fear, confusion, and substance abuse. The band is heading out on world tour on September 9th! Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!


4. "Mortal Projections" by Djo

Joe Keery is a national treasure. Every single song released under the name Djo has been an absolute BANGER and we are living for this latest tune! We are eagerly awaiting a full album. Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


5. 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' by Lana Del Rey

The highly anticipated album has arrived. Our indie pop queen has spoken and these emotion filled tunes will have you mesmerized. Sad girl Autumn is approaching and we just found our soundtrack. Listen to the album on Spotify HERE!


6. "Child of the Moon" by Whilk & Misky

Whilk & Misky has always been superb at combining a wide range of sounds to make a funky danceable tune. This song is no exception. You will find yourself shakin' that thang to the beat. Their new EP 'Blood Moon' will be released on November 1st!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!