Music Video Premiere: Gold Koa - Little Lost

>> Gold Koa is the collaboration between producer/multi-instrumentalist Matt Battle, bassist Kamara Robideau, and vocalist Cammy Enaharo. In it’s first stages, Gold Koa was a nameless side-project as these three remained tied up performing in different groups throughout the northeast and opening for acts such as Vampire Weekend, MS MR, Ra Ra Riot, Kaki King, KNOWER, Fastball, and more. But in 2018, as Battle and Robideau had just moved to LA, Gold Koa solidified their existence with the release of their debut single "Little Lost,” which has been described as “a gorgeous, shimmering number from this brand new act. Endearing lyrics are the driving force throughout, making a strong emotional connection from the get-go. Instrumentals are lovely, to boot, offering up a warm, sunshine-y soundscape.” -Clayton Warwick/The Music Ninja. The bi-coastal band has since released their single, headlined the Rochester Fringe Festival, and completed a west coast tour playing all over California.

A lush redwood forest serves as a perfect backdrop for Gold Koa’s “Little Lost,” a song about getting away. Long distance travel is nothing new for this bi-coastal trio. While their roots lie in their hometown of Rochester, New York, drummer Matt Battle and bassist Kamara Robideau have since relocated to California. Singer Cammy Enaharo traveled out to the west coast to shoot this footage. They chose John Valenti, another Rochester-to-Cali transplant, to produce the music video.

The camera pans in as the music starts with an organic beat, then comes into focus as members of Gold Koa enter the woods. The mesmerizing beat and undulating bassline of the song becomes merged with Enaharo’s soulful voice. The sentiments of the song run as deep as the roots of the redwoods, the words conveying heart-felt honesty and sensitivity: "You know you wanna get a little lost with me / And I need it now so desperately."

Shot from various vantage-points and in different parts of the woods, the camera follows as the band members go deep into gullies and up onto outcroppings, finding the music therein. Robideau is seen plucking a bass from the foliage as if it were a flower. The natural light filtering through the treetops casts a golden glow over the scene, lending a soft dream-like feel to the production. The joy and playfulness in the song shines through as Enaharo finds her flow, swaying in sync to the rhythm. In this music video, Valenti has expertly captured the feeling and pace of the song, along with the down-to-earth indie aesthetic of Gold Koa.

Take a minibreak from the daily grind, and delve into the other-worldliness of “Little Lost.”

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