Single Premiere - Full Body: Looked at the Picture

>> Full Body own their name. The Rochester, NY quartet play a robust breed of gangly rock music that lurches in the intersection between impatient slowcore, gnarled shoegaze, and noisy post-hardcore. The band introduced their dynamically sensitive appeal on their ambitious 2017 debut, 'What’s Good?', a record that threaded needly guitar licks through a thick fabric of bashing drums and distinctly scratchy vocals. Their highly anticipated follow-up, 'Always There,' (October 18th) is a level up in every conceivable category. Jack Chaffer’s tornado-like drumming is even gustier; the guitar parts bounce excitedly between jerky math-rock and stormy bursts of shoegaze; the bass tones are absolutely crushing; and Dylan Vaisey’s pacific, drawn-out croons wrap around the erratic compositions, preventing Full Body from ever losing their own limbs amidst the chaos.

“Looked at the Picture” is a song that Jake (our guitarist) wrote. Its quick, pretty and punchy. I wrote the lyrics about seeing something that completely throws you off guard and fucks with you for a sec, but obviously after awhile you get over it. I think the song exemplifies that emotional process. <<

Listen to "Looked at the Picture" HERE!

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