Single Premiere - False Pockets: Sneeze And Move On

>> False Pockets is a band that formed in the summer of 2018. This is an instrumental track from our upcoming EP, which comes out Sept 13th. The EP was recorded at Wicked Squid Studios. This is the first song that I wrote for the band, and it came together with Ben (Ben Chesnes - drums) instantly. It was after we kept getting out of time with the loop pedal that we realized we needed to add a bass player. It took no time at all for Zack Parker (bass) to grasp this concept (and all of our songs for that matter). We didn't have a name for this song for a very long time, until I needed to upload the demo to bandcamp. I asked Zack what it should be called and he said "sneeze and move on", so I did. <<

Listen to "Sneeze And Move On" HERE!

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