Artist Spotlight: Danielle Suzanne Smith

Danielle Suzanne Smith is an illustrator and designer currently lurking in the swamplands of Rochester, NY. With most of her output, truthfully, sketched on junk mailers or the margins of math homework, her creative output favors the "process" as much as the finished piece. Eraser marks, lined paper and smudges are to be expected—and incorporated—just as one would with classroom binder-scribble. Drawn to the intersections between cyberspace, history and traditional media, her work makes heady use of scanning, glitching-manipulation and collage alongside ink and pencil. Danielle's style is forever chasing Robert Crumb, and she hopes to one day elevate memes to fine art. She is currently working towards publishing an original webcomic and showing in more galleries and publications across Western New York.

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