Wider Eyes - Meg Myers’ upbringing and grounded attitude melt together to create intensely emotional

Any form of art - writing, painting, singing - is an expression of our inner selves and our deepest emotions. Art is an outlet for feelings that are often difficult to put into words. Meg Myers has been writing and creating music since her early teenage years, and she allows her music to act as a vehicle for her emotions. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, singersongwriter Meg Myers was raised by her parents, both of whom were former Jehovah’s Witnesses. She had a very traditional upbringing until her parents’ divorce, which was followed by a series of relocations. When her mother settled the family in Florida at the age of twelve, Meg took up writing songs on her keyboard and teaching herself to play guitar. At age nineteen, Meg decided to move to Los Angeles and pursue music. She was connected with producer Doctor Rosen Rosen, who helped her craft her technical expertise in songwriting and production. As her success grew, Meg found her voice in the music industry and ultimately left her record company to sign with the indie label 300 Entertainment.

Meg’s songs evoke an Alanis Morissette vibe, but the style feels entirely her own. The instrumentation in Meg’s songs combined with her powerful, emotionpacked lyrics hook you in as soon as you start to listen. Meg told us that she is able to have confidence in revealing her inner feelings because “we are all connected, and we all struggle. Whether we show it or not, we’re always working through shit.” She recognizes that her music is a release of her “joys and sorrows,” but she also hopes her music is cathartic for others, that it might provide someone with a “helping hand or ear.” While her song titles might make you think of upbeat pop songs, they are haunting and rich in feeling. “Take Me to the Disco” may sound like something you would dance to at a club, but with lyrics like “only the lonely could understand where I have been” and “you never meet me on the dance floor, now I’m dancing on my own,” listeners are quickly reminded of the last time they felt lonely or betrayed. “Numb” is so personal, yet so recognizable. Meg wrote “Numb” to express her struggle as an artist, and as a woman, with everyone feeling that they know what is best for her. Although the song was drawn from personal experience, many can relate to the feeling of being under someone’s thumb and wishing you could escape.

We asked Meg about the idea of escape, as it felt like a frequently visited topic in her songs. “I always thought I wanted to escape,” she said. “I didn’t realize that what I was truly looking for was connection.” Meg described this connection as “something deeper,” a search for the “divinity within.” Her pursuit of this higher power has helped her to recenter herself when she feels “ungrounded” or “the urge to disconnect,” a feeling that many encounter whether they are familiar with depression or not. Being so in touch with her inner self helps Meg to remember “to get quiet, take some deep breaths, and chill the fuck out.”

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