Jackson Cavalier: One//Four - A Folk Garden of Admiration and Growth

>> On Jackson Cavalier’s new EP, the gifted Rochester folk singer not only pays homage to his influences but shows progression and maturity in his songwriting.

Jackson Cavalier, one of Rochester’s favorite buskers and typically an acoustically folk and blues rock-centric one-man band, invited a couple of guests on his new collaborative EP ‘One//Four,’ which is one of the four releases Cavalier will release eventually as a full-length album. Katie Morey provides her beautiful soothing harmonic arrangements as well as piano and organ, Ben Morey lends Cavalier his voice, bass, and engineering and production skills. And finally, Joey Smalls plays snare and kit.

On his last album ‘Spellbound,’ released last fall, Cavalier was growing and alluding to this new direction on the new EP, which is more country-western oriented. The three songs on the EP signify Cavalier’s signature folk-rock style, with more diverse arrangements along with his melodies sounding more genuinely polished.

The opening track “Lilly May June” is driven with an upbeat Graceland-esque melody with a riveting rhythm section. The track is driven with its wonderful word-painting of the spirited and brisk-paced strumming and organ playing accompanied with lyrics about a person moving on with their life from an old, but not forgotten lover as Cavalier declares in the chorus “...spare me darling please spare me…” “Lilly May June” is one of the many highlights in Cavalier’s discography. Cavalier soon slows things down on The Carter Family-inspired “Kingdom of Heaven.” Cavalier’s comforting, but melancholic crooning alongside K. Morey’s beautifully moving backing harmonies shows Cavalier heading into a more mature and pure state. “Eliza Blue” is the most upfront track on the EP with Cavalier’s rugged country tenor, grooving instrumentals, and his elegant Dylan-esque harp playing. Cavalier and his backing band certainly steal the show with this one and you can’t help but crave more.

Be sure to stick around for more music to come from Cavalier, which you can find on his Bandcamp page. Catch Cavalier performing these tracks and many more live at his show at The Daily Refresher on September 19. <<

Listen to ‘One//Four’ HERE!

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