Entering Another World with STRFKR at Anthology

>> The bass thumped, the crowd jumped, and confetti tumbled through the air. Instrumental music began to creep out of the speakers at Anthology, everyone screamed with anticipation as STRFKR started their performance. The band had kurtas on (an Indian long shirt that resembles the form of a dress) and Josh Hodges (the lead singer and creator of the band) donned a beautiful vibrant purple-pink long wig that had bangs. A projection screen of minimal lines rippled behind them and L.E.D. light panels blinked in time with the bass on each side of the band. It was every indie loving weirdo’s dream.

I had seen STRFKR before but nothing could have prepared me for this experience. Three astronauts dressed in full-gear with helmets included entered the stage. They began dancing along to the music and the audience screeched with joy. Close up images of puppies' eyes rolled across the projected background and formed psychedelic patterns. I felt as if I was transported into another world. The music swelled and the astronauts turned on blinking L.E.D lights in their suits and I officially lost my mind.

After a few more pops of confetti, the band began to perform a few of their more well-known tunes such as “Open Your Eyes” and “While I’m Alive.” The crowd echoed every word and everyone, except for the man who I was convinced was a robot next to me, danced along wildly. The energy of the music emanated from the speakers and the astronauts showing off their innovative dance moves was electric and contagious. I felt free in the best way possible. Sometimes giving in to the music and soaking up the atmosphere is all you need to let go and get out of your head. STRFKR was a mental escape from the stress and responsibilities of life, for me at least. I hope others in the crowd found the same solstice and were able to feel free. <<

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