New Music Friday - Let Loose

1. "UFO Blues" by Overhand Sam & Bad Weapon

Peel off that human skin suit and let loose to this intergalactic bop! Overhand Sam is back with body thumping beats and crazy space noises, disrupting the indie norm and adding some much needed space funk to our lives! Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


2. "Into the Surf" by Foals

A new single from 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2' has emerged! The album will be released into this wild world on October 18th. Until then we will be bumpin' to these released tunes on repeat. We are thankful to the Foals for being a light in the ever growing darkness.

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


3. "Parade Chaser" by Deep Wimp

This Brooklyn based band has been previously featured on our New Music Friday roundup! Deep Wimp is back again with a hard hitting indie rock tune that proves how deep they're willing to let us in. Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


4. "Fado" by Milky Chance

We are hooked from the first beat. This song is definitely going to make some serious waves on those top charts. Don't believe us? Give it a listen and you won't be able to get the beat out of your brain. Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!


5. "Sunshine" by Transviolet

We are so pumped to hear a new tune from our friends in Transviolet. Deeply breathe and let all of your tension go while you get lost in this dreamy indie masterpiece!

Listen to the song on Spotify HERE!