Video Premiere - Rubble Boys by Caleb Churchill

Brooklyn-based musician Caleb Churchill has filmed a music video for his new release “Rubble Boys.” The song has a retro dream-pop vibe. Neo psychedelic music is paired with nostalgic-sounding echoing vocals as Churchill declares “The Rubble Boys will ride, and never die.” This debut single is the title track from his upcoming fifth release as a solo artist.

The self-directed black-and-white exudes an art-house vibe with its minimalism. The inspiration behind the work is the music video for “Bastards Of Young” by The Replacements. Like the video by The Replacements, the camera starts with a tight shot of a music player, and slowly pans out, with a single person intermittently entering and exiting the frame and interacting with the objects being filmed. In Churchill’s modernized rendition, the music is being played on a laptop, not a stereo system, the scene is set outdoors on a balcony instead of inside an apartment, and the lone person on the periphery is drinking a cup of coffee instead of smoking a cigarette.

Churchill originally hails from Massachusetts. He was an integral part of the Rochester, NY music scene over the past few years, as a solo artist and also as the frontman for garage punk band Antilock. He recently relocated to Brooklyn, and the footage shot on a concrete rooftop lends to the urban aesthetic of the video.

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