Video Premiere: Foul Soulchild by Vanishing Sun

Is this a music video for Vanishing Sun's first single off their upcoming album 64? Or is it an alternate dimension in which our heroes are trapped and must defeat the all powerful Foul Soulchild if they are to make it back to play their Album Release Explosion alive.

Vanishing Sun has never met a creative boundary that it couldn’t warp or destroy, and this is clearly evident in their latest release, “Foul Soulchild” - which is set in a video game that is being developed in support of their upcoming third album 64.

In addition to their album release party on October 25th at Flour City Station, the game, entitled “Album Release Saga 3”, will release in 2020 and afford fans a new and immersive way of enjoying their music. There is also an exciting collaboration with the Strasenburgh Planetarium in the works that will culminate in an unprecedented combination of the live concert and Star Theater experiences.

Listen to Vanishing Sun HERE!

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