Single Premiere: Paperbag-Head by Clibbus

"Rochester based trio Clibbus, is made up of Alex "Beefus" D'Aurelio, Graham Balcomb, and Mike Mcgee. Originally conceived as a solo-homemade art and music multimedia project in the backyard of D'Aurelio's bedroom many years ago, the band became a full fledged live buffet of sensory overload when the three began to write together in late 2018. Almost immediately after the incarnation of the trio, they recorded their debut record as a full band, "Crowning For Dog." They also recorded a track for "Killed By Meth Vol. 4" (A compilation of Rust-Belt punk recordings, out now on It's Trash Records).

What's the most Reba you've ever Mac-entired? Those who may be bored of thinking or those who think too much ponder this question. Clibbus likes horses and dogs. The dog says the feeling is mutual. They are working on a new full length record for early 2020 as well as a string of shows at the beginning of the year."

About the Track: "Paperbag-Head captures the scent of large machinery trapped inside of a house when they should clearly be inside of a hanger of some sort due to obvious size restrictions , maybe considering the personal value of plants and animals resting next to it, and how they place that value far above the idea of humans standing near. The lyrical themes are loosely inspired by a photograph taken by Rochester photographer Jason Wilder, of locals staring at a Solar eclipse."

"Paperbag-Head" By Clibbus Recorded and mixed by Alex D'Aurelio and Clibbus at the Clibbus Practice Space and Clibbus International Headquarters Mastered By James Wooten (FOH Engineer for Joywave, Walk The Moon)

Listen to "Paperbag-Head" HERE!

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