Artist Spotlight: Stephon Senegal

My practice examines group interdependencies resulting from subjugation and rebellion. The dynamic between these opposing factions is where I find small intellectual treasures. In this space, colorism and syncretization are strategies of insurgency. I use these concepts as a base for the objects I create. The public portion of my practice transports those objects into marginalized neighborhoods of color using text. The intention is to foster conversations with those communities by dissecting our shared identities.


Autonomy is elusive for communities of color. I am using language and public monument to challenge racial constructs that have hamstrung those groups. Identity is a covert struggle for the Black body. The notion of Black is primarily an American construct that falsely characterizes darker complexions as a monolith. Otherness, as in anything other than whiteness, presents an ongoing existential dilemma for the Black and Brown. The public portion of my practice strives to unravel the constraints that hold communities of color in a liminal space. This conversation is not new, but an ongoing ageless discourse; one that is anchored by longstanding questions about equity and forgiveness.

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