The Minks Bring a Taste of Nashville Groove to The Bug Jar

>>The Minks’ performance at The Bug Jar was one that reminded us all why we listen to music in the first place. This four-piece group from Nashville, Tennessee takes the flare and flavor of their musical roots with them wherever they go. Combining an explosive blend of psychedelic, blues, with a nice rattle of rock and roll, this band has created an intoxicatingly groovy sound. The night’s hypnotic tunes were led by front woman Nikki Barber, who commanded the stage with soul and magnetic charm. The driving rhythmic flow of the songs and the quality of their storytelling kept the audience thoroughly engaged throughout the entirety of the set. Barber’s voice possesses this effortless grit and rawness that automatically draws in the listener. The authenticity behind the notes, both vocally and instrumentally, along with the orchestration of how it all comes together takes one on an exploratory journey of what it means to be human, and all the feelings that we will encounter because of it. During the middle of the set, Barber reminded fans how important it is to be committed to the present moment, and their lyrics attest to that.

Luckily for fans, The Minks now have even more music to jam out to with the recent release of their full length debut record through Cafe Rooster Records titled, ‘Light & Sweet.’ Having come out during the Fall of this year, the group wasted no time hitting the road and starting their US tour. If you haven’t caught them yet, do yourself a favor and make sure you do. Still going strong through November, some of their future locations include Harrisburg, PA, Harrisonburg, VA, Philadelphia, Pa, Brooklyn, NY, and many others. Watching The Minks perform is like gazing through a kaleidoscope colored with cosmic rock, celestial soul, and banging blues. The pulsating passion that this band puts forth clearly displays their love of music, and that they wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Barber notes that the origin story of the band revolves around the notion that, “if you don’t create, you’ll combust.” Fortunately for music lovers, they haven’t stopped creating, but continue to cultivate radical riffs and twang tapping melodies. Such is true of the first single off the album titled, “I’m Okay,” which upon completing, the audience replied by saying that they wanted to hear it again.

All ten songs on the record speak to the allure and vibrancy that is The Minks. The prismatic color of Barber’s personality is highlighted in every part of her craft. From her voice, stage presence, and even down to the merch table. There are your staple products, such as stickers, patches, CDs, vinyls, and tees, but there are also some gems sprinkled within there as well. How often do you approach a band’s merch table and find a carefully handmade zine created by the lead singer, or a packet of wildflower seeds for sale? Everything laid out on the table was an artistic embodiment of Barber’s charisma and style. These are just some of the many tasteful touches that make this band so addictive and distinct. For Nikki Barber and her crew, this is much more than simply making music, it’s about the journey of creating. The Minks are here to boogie, so don’t wait around any longer. Get out there and bust a move.

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