Business Spotlight: Kitty Box Press

We all have that one article of clothing that we absolutely love. No matter how many times we put it on, that special feeling that we get from it never wears off. It’s like opening up your drawer and having your favorite tee sitting right on top. When it comes to clothing, accessories or apparel, they all serve as various forms of self expression. A platform of its very own, acting as a canvas for our character. Taking the visions from our heads and seeing them come alive upon an article of clothing is rewarding. So if you’re looking to add a new statement piece to your wardrobe, instead of heading to the store, why not design it yourself and get what you really want? Kitty Box Press can help you do just that.

Located on 1044 S Clinton Ave in Downtown Rochester, Kitty Box Press is an independent print shop known for its reliable hand-pulled prints. Not only do they provide great quality, but the process is eco-friendly and the pricing is affordable too. Using water-based screen prints, one can come in and start creating without the constraints of an order minimum or set up fee. In addition, you will receive the attentiveness and expertise of owner Ian Egling, who has been at this professionally for over five years. Egling has fine tuned his craft in the realms of illustration, traditional photography, darkroom work and graphic design. Additionally, he is a local musician and was always the one to take care of his band's merchandise needs. Whether it was a promotional poster or shirt design, you could count on there being something on the merch table that was his handiwork.

The majority of prints carried out at Kitty Box Press are garments, but orders can also be carried out through custom screen printing on many different materials. Printing on flat stocks and fine art prints are equally rewarding options. Some other materials that have been printed on include wood, coffee bags, plastic, tote bags, and more. Regardless of the task or the printing method that is chosen, one’s custom order will be completed in an ecologically conscious way. This is accomplished through using plant-based solvents and soy-based solvents for ink washing. Egling and his team remain mindful by paying attention to the chemicals and products used in the process. As a result, they reuse films, reclaim the screens and recycle the cans.

The work being created at Kitty Box Press is not only better for the environment, but also for the people within it. Through screen printing, Egling has been fortunate enough to work with many different artists throughout Rochester. He loves these engaging encounters and states that this is one of the facets of his work that he truly appreciates. The shop is continuously filled with new ideas and creative energy. In the past, Kitty Box Press has done work for Matt Gray and Carrie Lindstrom, as well as many bands including The Demos, Mikaela Davis, KOPPS, Boy Jr. and countless more. However, it’s not only well established artists and musicians that have their screen prints made here. Egling shares that, “because we have no minimums, we end up working with a lot of people who are just starting their ideas and idea process and we get to grow together.”

Being rooted within the Swillburg neighborhood has been a contributing factor to influencing the business's work. The inviting environment, friendly workers, and accessible location makes it easy for people to just walk in. Due to this, Egling gets to work with a diverse group of customers, all of whom enrich his experience as a small business owner. Getting to know the people within his own community, starting to build those relationships, and getting to meet them face to face are all invaluable components that he is grateful for: “It’s nice to work within a community of people who are working hard to be themselves. Being very brave and strong with who they are.”

If it’s screen printing that you are looking for and need help along the way, have the quality, hand pulled prints of Kitty Box Press be your spot. Egling tells us that “what really gets us excited here in the shop is working with an artist’s vision and turning it into a real piece of tangible work.” So, why not have your new favorite piece be done by Kitty Box Press and wear it with pride?

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